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HOUSE of LEAF 108 North Michigan Ave Saginaw MI

GET your very own Air Elf and be a part                                           of  the Great Lakes Gathering.                                                               We would like to see Saginaw Turn Green                                         the Week before Irish Fest which will be                                           the 4th weekend of August.                                                                     Its a Great way to show your support and help to grow             this event into a destination Event                                                 for those outside our Region.                                                            Be a part of the renewed excitement                                                 here in our Great Town!                                                                            AIR ELF CLUB   $30 / Includes Elf / & Yearly Business listing     

Fuzzys Restaurant

Fuzzy’s Restaurant 1920 Court St Saginaw MI 48602

Mom and Pop diner known for folded sandwiches on handmade bread boasts 32 area-sourced ice creams.

White Crow Music

White Crow Music 3736 mackinaw  Saginaw MI 48602

White Crow Music  
3736 mackinaw  Saginaw MI 48602


Instrument Sales – Lessons – Recording – Live Music – Event Rentals /  45 years teaching in the Saginaw Vallley

Family of Joseph O’Rourke        Saginaw MI

JUST Ordered their very own AIR ELF!                                               I guess its the next best thing to                                                            LIAM the EXTRA LARGE LEPRECHAUN