Gather with Us

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                     The Gathering, in its very name implies a bringing together of People. We believe our Irish heritage teaches us that our community is many layered.  Corporations, businesses, families and individuals each having a hand in making our life what it is, and it is with this thought that we extend the opportunities for sponsorship and involvement in the developement and Support of this Event to all of these layers.


                        From the largest of Corporations to the Families and Individuals who wish to Honor their Irish or Celtic Heritage by connecting with the Irish community of Today, all can do so by Underwriting all or a portion of a Bands stage Performance fee.

For a minimum $100 donation, contributors can choose which band their donation will help to underwrite.   Underwriters also have the option to write for the full amount of the Performance fee and that will give the underwriter sole contributory acknowledgement.  

Benefits you will receive from this are:

Tags and mentions of your designated Choosing on both the Websites and Gathering Stage Schedules .

(If the ENTIRE performance fee of a band is underwritten along with the Tag line you receive a Photo Posting or a Logo)

Per $100 donation 

ONE VIP Weekend Ticket to  the Gathering

An invitation to the Private SPONSOR SEISIUN and PARTY Saturday night following the Gathering for Promoters, Sponsors, and Performers.  This will be held at the White Crow Conservatory of Music, in Saginaw Mi.

A Gold Family Membership for The White Crow Conservatory of Music 


HERE is an EXAMPLE of Band Underwriter Tag lines  


John and Mary Healy of Detroit Mi. / Co. Maigh eo

The Sullivan family of Co. Cork

The Heany Family of Detroit Mi,  in Honor of Officer James R Heany 1913 – 2002

Marys Goat Shed String Band   Underwriter

Katherine Brennan: in Honor of her Musically gifted emigrant Family from Kilkenny


If you are interested in becoming and underwiter or Sponsor

Please contact us at HERE!

and we will let you know which bands are currently available for underwriting.